main services


3D Modeling

Three-dimensional computer models are the keystone to the services we provide and represent the industry standard for capturing product design data. Our modeling platforms allow us to create mathematical representations of complex surfaces and forms that can be of any scale and still maintain incredible dimensional precision. These models can be edited, rendered, animated or analyzed in engineering applications.



All our CAD models are exported as "watertight" structures that are ready for our 3D printer or CNC router. Combining these digital production methods with our comprehensive traditional model shop we are able to create high resolution physical models of products, architecture, furniture and other industrial art pieces



Industrial design is a professional, method driven practice that balances analytical research principles with function and aesthetics to produce manufactured products and systems that exhibit a meaningful user experience.


Commercial Graphics

Industrial Art & Design's commercial graphics deliver an engaging method of communication with its end user. Our services fulfill this important communication role while simultaneously making these elements beautiful. We specialize in developing high-end graphic materials of all kinds in order to clearly and efficiently communicate visually. Dealing with a wide variety of communication tools some of our deliverables include instructional materials, illustrations, and branding.


3d Animation and Rendering

In-context renderings give you an opportunity to showcase your product in an idealized yet realistic way both online and in marketing materials. It gives you unprecedented flexibility and can allow you to show aspects and features of your product that would otherwise be impossible without 3D technology.



The foundation of Industrial Art & Design's philosophy is the belief that designing from user research data creates an empathetic connection with the user by demonstrating an understanding that humanizes a product's function and aesthetics. This results in an emotive user experience which is an attribute that all successful products exhibit. The research data can also reveal experience driven design opportunities that spur innovation in unexpected ways.

Specialized Services

3D Printing:

This additive manufacturing process allows IAD to generate 3d objects by exporting our computer generated models to a digitally controlled plastic extruder. These objects can be quickly generated for rapid iteration and can serve to proof manufacturing packets for injection molded parts.

CNC Routing:

A CNC router is an efficient and precise tool that allows IAD's prototypes to be created with dimensional perfection. Capable of cutting wood, composites, and aluminum, this tool is critical to delivering high-resolution models that conform to production quality standards.