• Security Upgrades

    Security Upgrades

    Digital renderings like this help the customer visualize space and usability. This design was for a security upgrade for a…


  • Architectural Renderings

    Architectural Renderings

    Representing a design with a rendered 3d model is a convenient and cost-effective way to communicate your ideas with your…


  • Award Winning City Park Design

    Award Winning City Park Design

    Industrial Art & Design won 1st place in this international design competition for a park redesign in Ogden, Utah put…


  • Stylized Knife Set

    Stylized Knife Set

    This knife set was designed to bring beauty¬†and elegance to our everyday kitchen items. From start to finish, this project…


  • Sig Sauer Pistol

    Sig Sauer Pistol

    Responding to requests from a local firearm training experts building this model highlights the dramatically improved ergonomics of one of…


  • Renderings and Animation

    Renderings and Animation

    In context renderings give you an opportunity to showcase your product in an idealized yet realistic way both online and…


  • Audiophile Loudspeaker

    Audiophile Loudspeaker

    Audiophile Louspeaker design.


  • POP loudspeaker system

    POP loudspeaker system

    This loudspeaker prototype is a GraphMech design that was created in our model shop. Both of the systems enclosures were…


  • Esky Coolers

    Esky Coolers

    The Esky Brand is a trusted cooler brand from Australia that Coleman purchased a few years back. With this project…