Award Winning City Park Design

Industrial Art & Design won 1st place in this international design competition for a park redesign in Ogden, Utah put on by the AIA Utah Young Architects Forum. IAD, having local access to the park decided to put together a small team of design experts to forward a new design vision for this prestigious space located in the center of the cities art district. Our team approached the project with a comprehensive user-centered design methodology, including interviews with local park users and city officials. We also performed observational research to determine how the park is currently being used and identified opportunities on how we might accommodate them better. We also performed an extensive competitive product survey where we looked at numerous award-winning park designs from around the world. Our final presentation was built on a complex scale CAD model of the entire city block and was rendered and animated using a photorealistic raytracer. These research and design strategies proved to visually distinguish our entry from the other professional design firms and validate the content of the design. Below you can find the animation showing the terrain features; playground design bike pump track and skateboard berms all arranged and design with a painterly panache that fit perfectly with the cities vision for the developing arts district and park user needs.