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Industrial Design

Industrial design is a professional, method-driven practice that balances analytical research principles with function and aesthetics to produce manufactured products and systems that exhibit a meaningful user experience. The members of IAD's design team share a strong desire to contribute to our communities and culture through the application of art and design. Our team is diverse, comprising professional…
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Prototyping Services

Three-dimensional computer models are the keystone to the services we provide and represent the industry standard for capturing product design data. Our modeling platforms allow us to create mathematical representations of complex surfaces and forms that can be of any scale and still maintain incredible dimensional precision. These models can be edited, rendered, animated or analyzed in engineering applications.…
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Product Concept Developement

The foundation of IAD's design philosophy is the belief that designing from user research data creates an empathetic connection with the user by demonstrating an understanding that humanizes a product's function and aesthetics. This results in an emotive user experience which is an attribute that all successful products exhibit. The research data can also reveal…
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Complex ideas presented in clear and engaging way. Every company, product or system requires a method of effectively communicating with its end user. Our commercial graphics services help you fulfill this important role with dynamic imagery that beautifully conveys your brand's message. Graphic Services We Offer: Photorealistic Renderings Illustrations 3d Animations Instructional Materials Branding Collateral  
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